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More and more businesses are relying on mobile apps to increase their reach and grow their revenue. While the benefits of mobile app development are innumerable, it also requires making right decisions. In the process of developing a mobile app, the app owner needs to make decisions at every stage. It includes everything from the app design to when and which app store to publish the app on.

One of the most important decisions that you need to make is choosing the development technology for your app. Why is this choice crucial? A simple answer is that the choice of technology can make or break your application. The decision is even more crucial for startups as a lot goes in developing a mobile app. Certainly, you don’t want the app to fail once it is launched. So, even before you go on to decide other things for your dream project, it is recommended to check out the top mobile app development technologies that are recommended by the experts in 2022.

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5 Mobile App Development Technologies Startups Should Pay Attention to in 2022

As mobile apps are proving to be a valuable asset to startups, here is a list of app development technologies that they need to consider in 2022.


Python is already a popular programming language that app developers from all over the world use for different kinds of applications. It is a dynamic, and open source language that is also easy to understand. An app developer with basic programming skills can learn the language to build a mobile app. Moreover, as Python is a portable language which includes in-built debuggers, it allows for a flawless development process. It is recommended to choose Python for your project if you want to build a feature-rich and scalable application in less time.

Top companies using Python:


Introduced in 1995, Java is one of the oldest programming languages for developing mobile apps. It is an object oriented programming language that is also easy to understand and highly secure. Java is majorly used for Android development. Developers absolutely love working with Java as it comes with a significant number of open source libraries, community support, and excellent documentation that makes the work of developers a little easier. Therefore, it only makes sense if Java is one of the popular languages among startups as the required resources for development are easily available.

Top companies using Java:


Flutter, developed by Google is currently one of the most popular choices for cross-platform app development. It is a software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to build mobile apps that work seamlessly on both – Android and iOS platforms. The popularity of Flutter is on a rise as more and more startups are opting for cross platform development because that saves them considerable time and cost. Flutter makes use of the Dart programming language to create native interfaces. Moreover, developers can create apps for both platforms by writing a single code.

Apart from this a major benefit with this SDK is that the Flutter apps are mostly built using widgets. This reduces the compatibility issues on the multiple operating systems that other cross platform technologies usually face.

Best apps built using Flutter:


Kotlin, a general-purpose programming language, is generally used for building highly advanced applications. You can say that this cross-platform, statistically typed programming language is a young version of Java. It’s features such as safety, clarity, and community and tool support are what makes Kotlin stand out from the other options in the market. One of the major reasons for its popularity is also its resemblance to the Java language. Kotlin’s popularity can also be attributed to its security, precision, and comprehensive support tools.

Some well-known companies using Kotlin are:


Developed by Apple Inc. Swift is a general-purpose programming language for MacOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and some other platforms. It works dedicatedly with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the C and Objective C codes written to exclusively develop iOS apps. Not to forget that Swift uses a safe programming pattern and provides exceptional features to make the iOS application development process a lot smoother. Developers choose to work with this programming language as the process to write code is fun and interactive. All in all, the Swift code is safe by design but also creates apps that are lightning fast.

Some famous names using Swift are:

Concluding Thoughts

The app development world is constantly evolving and new technologies are emerging everyday. The emergence of new technologies and tools is surely beneficial but it can also be a problem for business owners with no technical knowledge whatsoever. The higher the number of options available, the more confusion for them. Furthermore, in most cases, startups just have a single shot at developing their own app due to the required investment. So, the decision of choosing a technology is an absolutely critical one.

It is always better to consult an expert team of developers for your project and all the other technical aspects. While you find the perfect technology partner, read up more on the above mentioned app development technologies as they are in trend. Experts recommend the 5 technologies and programming languages discussed in this article due to the value they add to the entire development process.