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by February 21, 2022

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Coding in 2022 is becoming easy with these top free online coding courses on the internet

Coding! Everyone wants to learn coding to kickstart their professional career at an early stage. There is a huge demand for coding from kids, students, as well as working professionals. Thus, multiple online coding courses are popping up in the global tech market to provide a better understanding and concept of coding efficiently. Some candidates prefer free coding courses to learn programming languages in 2022 without any expense. There are paid coding courses as well as coding courses for free from multiple educational platforms. Let’s explore the top ten free online coding courses to get enrolled in 2022.

Top Ten Free Online Coding Courses in 2022

Python for Everybody Specialization at Coursera

Duration: 8 months

Coursera offers some of the top free online coding courses to learn to program as well as analyze real-time data with Python. Students can utilize this free coding course to install Python and write the first-ever program, describe Python, and use variables to store and retrieve information. There are five courses in this specialization such as programming for everybody, Python data structures, using Python to access web data, using databases with Python, and so on.

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Coding for Everyone: C and C++ Specialization at Coursera

Duration: 6 months

This coding course for free is helping candidates to gain a deep understanding of computer programming by learning to code, debug, as well as solve complicated real-life problems with C and C++. There are four courses in this free online coding course specialization— C for everyone: programming fundamentals, structured programming, and two parts of C++ for C programmers.

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Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding at Coursera

Duration: 6 months

Coursera offers this free coding course to help students design and create websites for an accessible web portfolio with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. They can add interactivity to web pages, describe the basics of CSS3, as well as use the DOM for the modifications of pages. There are five courses in this specialization as an introduction to HTML5, Introduction to CSS3, interactivity with JavaScript, advanced styling with responsive design, as well as web design for everybody capstone.

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Introduction to Programming with Python and Java at Coursera

Duration: 4 months

This online coding course from Coursera can enhance computer programming skills by learning about Python concepts, examining core data science techniques, principles of object-oriented programming, as well as using advanced data structures.

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Learn How to Code at Codecademy

Duration: 6 hours

Codecademy offers free coding courses to students with key programming concepts without writing any code. There are three primary lessons on the basics of programming with seven lessons and 7 quizzes to gain a better understanding of coding.

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Code Foundations at Codecademy

Duration: 2 weeks

This online coding course at Codecademy provides an introduction to the coding world including its basic concepts. It includes technical literacy, programming concepts, as well as communication with professional developers for extra help. Students can write basic code with variables and functions with five lessons.

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Google Code to Learn

Duration: Own pace

Google provides one of the top coding courses for free for students to explore the world of coding and computer science. There are multiple hackathons, projects, contests, and competitions to help students gain a better understanding of coding from their mistakes and perseverance.

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Learn to Code Your HTML Website: Coding for Kids and Beginners at BitDegree

Duration: 3 hours 19 mins

BitDegree offers free online coding courses including for kids and beginners. This free coding course helps to start learning the in-demand skill of programming with HTML5 and CSS3. Students can create their own websites as well as HTML projects with styles to web pages. There are 46 lessons in five sections for gaining a more understanding of a beautiful cross-platform language.

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Block-based Coding Courses for Free at Hour of Code

Duration: Own pace

Hour of Code offers a wide variety of online coding courses for grades K-5, 6-12, and beyond 12. It covers computer science fundamentals express courses, express courses with programming modules, and other free online coding courses such as computer science 101, introduction to Python programming, Khan Academy computer programming courses, and many more.

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Introducing Coding for Beginners: An HTML and CSS Online Course at BitDegree

Duration: 17 lessons

This free coding course offers web development from the beginning to create a webpage with HTML and CSS. Students can learn to create forms, buttons, coding basics, and many more. BitDegree is known for providing this coding course for free in a fun, engaging, and interactive way.

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