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A screenshot of Microsoft&039s Xbox Gear Shop Valentine&039s Day Collection

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and regardless of whether you celebrate it or not, the Xbox Gear Shop has a decent amount of themed stock that you can check out on the dedicated website here.

Although there isn't a huge variety in the items available in the shop, some might tickle your fancy, especially if you're a Halo fan. There are two themes on display, namely Halo and Xbox. Products in stock include hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, t-shirt, blankets, cushions, mugs, and heart-shaped stickers for your electronics.

Prices range from $4.99 for the stickers up to $44.99 for the throw blanket. There are a total of 30 items currently on display and some allow color customization too. For example, the $19.99 unisex Xbox Valentine's Candy Hearts T-shirt is available in blank, pink, and white colors. There are a variety of sizes too, ranging from XS to 4XL, however, it is important to note that all colors won't be available for a specific size. For example, the XS-sized Xbox Valentine's Candy Hearts T-shirt is not available in pink.

Microsoft's Valentine's Day-themed merchandise can be shipped internationally and will arrive in a matter of days or weeks depending upon where you reside. You can check out Microsoft's shipping policy here and have a look at the Valentine's Day-themed stock here.