The language called R - Greater Kashmir .

R Coding



R is unbeatable for data visualisation task and one of its remarkable data visualisation library known as ggplot2 developed by Hadley Wickham 2005 creates elegant and eye catching graphs.

R is an object oriented programming language, which gives full control of the actions to the user. Free and open source nature of R is probably the most important reason why statisticians and many researchers across the globe prefer it.

R incorporates all of the standard statistical procedures, models and analysis, as well as provides tools for managing and manipulating data sets.

R has got a massive and overwhelming community support and there are thousands of people across the globe who have come together to make contributions by developing packages for data analysis and visualisation.

R libraries like metan, variability, agricolae, agrostab, biotools, etc., have played a very significant role for analysis of data in context to agricultural research and are the most preferred R libraries among statisticians working in the field of agricultural and allied sciences.