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CSS Coding



  • Cost: $16,900; pay upfront or installment payment plans available
  • Location: Online or in Denver or New York City
  • Enrollment: Full-time or part-time
  • Time to Completion: 15 or 40 weeks

Curriculum: Front-end development, JavaScript, ReactJS, front-end web applications, back-end development, SQL, and back-end web APIs

Flatiron focuses on career-ready, software engineering skill-building. The curriculum includes programming fundamentals, front-end development, front-end web application, back-end development, and back-end web API. Enrollees work on group projects that simulate a software engineering team environment.

Each student builds a "Get Hired Game Plan." Career coaches continue one-to-one advising 180 days after graduation. Flatiron partners with the city of New York to increase access to technology among underserved communities. 

The admission process consists of a non-technical interview and a 15-minute critical thinking and problem-solving assessment. Admitted students complete 40 hours of preparatory lessons and labs prior to the first day of class.

For more info, see our Flatiron School review.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Industry and university partnerships


  • Highly selective admissions
  • Rigorous curriculum¬†