Source code editor Visual Studio Code 1.70: multiple selection in the search function .

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The July update allows marking and changing multiple selected items in the search area at the same time and brings support for TypeScript 4.8.

Microsoft has released the source code editor Visual Studio Code in version 1.70. The July update brings new ways to customize the title bar, returns to the previous behavior of the menu bar, and allows multiple selections in the search area. Even those who take part in the VS Code Insider program or use the official Python Extension can enjoy new functions.

Visual Studio Code 1.70 allows elements that appear in different places to be selected at the same time. If a user carries out an action on one of these marked elements, for example discard or replace, it also applies to all other marked elements. In addition, the search function now allows you to search for file decorations.

The workbench also contains changes. The user-defined title bar, which is used by default on Windows, macOS and the web and offers interactive elements, should now be easier to customize. A right click on the title bar leads to a context menu in which the three entries are located Menu bar, command center and layout controls select and deselect. The system context menu that Windows users have come to expect can now be accessed instead by right-clicking the VS Code icon in the top-left corner, or by using a keyboard shortcut Old | spaces call.

Last month, the menu bar gave way to a hamburger menu icon due to the addition of the Command Center in the title bar. However, this was not well received by the community, so the development team accepted the feedback and now only uses the symbol when the VS Code window is greatly reduced in size.

Visual Studio Code 1.70 can handle the upcoming TypeScript version 4.8 as a preview feature. To use the nightly builds of the programming language, the JavaScript and TypeScript Nightly extension is required, which can be obtained from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. TypeScript 4.8 is currently in beta and brings refined type checks and optimizations to the build process. According to the iteration plan, the final release is planned for August 23, 2022.

According to the VS Code team, one of the most requested features is the creation of settings profiles. The participants of the Visual Studio Code Insider program can now use the function with the setting workbench.experimental.settingsProfiles.enabled testing. Profiles can also be created in the web version of the Insider program by making the same settings there. Profiles should be used, for example, in education, for presentations or for specific languages.

For more information on the features and preview features in VS Code 1.70, see the announcement.

The official VS Code extension for Python has also received its monthly update. In contrast to the source code editor, it bears the name of the month of its publication. The August release is dedicated, among other things, to automatic debug configurations for web applications that use Flask, Django or FastAPI, and to the use of the language server Pylance, which Microsoft made standard in May 2021.

Pylance can now remove all unused imports if more than one imported library is not in use or the code does not call them anywhere. The corresponding action is Remove all unused imports. Suggested code annotations can also be added to the code with a double-click using Pylance.

All details about the new release of Python in Visual Studio Code are available in a blog entry.