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“Cool despite Java” was my first impression: The interactive offers people who want to get into programming without much prior knowledge LearnJwebsite a well-done opportunity. Building on the browser-based Embedded IDE it can also be built into your own learning and teaching pages.

We makers, in particular, like to quickly copy a few code snippets together and when the project is up and running, we move on to the next project. You might learn the syntax of the language, but certainly not a good programming style. LearnJ combines text, image and video into one Development environment in the browserso that you can get started right away.

Here Java is used as a representative of the entire language zoo of object-oriented languages (Python, C++, Java, C#, Objective C, etc.). Even if Java no longer has the highest priorityit is still taught in many secondary schools and universities. In fact, the Java used in LernJ also differs from real Java in a number of ways. The compiler developed by Martin Pabst runs directly in the browser and programs can be entered, edited and debugged directly in the IDE without the need for an installation.

LearnJ page with learning content

As can be seen in the picture, the learning content and the online IDE are directly linked in the website. The IDE supports syntax highlighting and suggests code as you type. Tips, classes and methods are displayed on mouse-over, colors can be picked out of a color window. The listing area can be zoomed in order to arrive in the last row during presentations. The speed of the program can be regulated steplessly or processed in individual steps, so that the branches in the code can be easily traced here. Outputs such as text or graphics as well as variables can be viewed or observed on the right. So you can then work your way through the range of learning content, or you tries your own ideas in an empty IDE the end. In the first ten sections, the learning content guides you through the basic syntax and elements of the language, and then Tasks and examples that are also colorful and gamifiedto deepen what has been learned.

Online IDE

The online IDE can be easily integrated into your own websites, either the iframetag can be used or the scripts can be included in the head of the page. Then everything is possible hosted locally on your own server or locally without a network. the necessary ones Files and source code are available on GitHub.

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