KDE Improves Breeze-GTK App Experience, Discover Warns Users Of Proprietary Software ... .

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Even amid the ongoing war, KDE developers remain quite productive and continuing to push ahead for furthering this open-source desktop environment.

KDE developer Nate Graham is out with his usual weekly development summary to highlight the progress made the past week within the KDE camp. Some of the KDE successes for this past week include:

- As part of the 15 minute bug initiative, when leaving do Not Disturb mode on the desktop you will no longer get flooded with all the desktop notifications on the screen that were missed while in the do not disturb mode.

- GTK applications using the Breeze-GTK theme should fully match the appearance of KDE applications.

- The Plasma Wayland session's touchpad gestures now let you reverse the direction of your fingers as a means of cancelling an in-progress gesture.

- KDE Discover now warns users over the risks of installing proprietary software.

- KRunner has its own configuration window.

- Various menu and titlebar fixes.

- Many other fixes and improvements.

More details on this week's KDE successes via Nate's blog.

The KDE Plasma desktop on the Steam Deck continues running quite well.