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KDE developers are surely celebrating this weekend now that Valve's Steam Deck is shipping and KDE Plasma is the default desktop in the "developer mode". But in any event it's been another busy week for KDE developers with fixes and improvements to their open-source desktop stack.

KDE developer Nate Graham is out with his usual Saturday morning recap of all the fixes and improvements that landed this week. KDE's developer excitement for the week included items such as:

- Mapping of desktops and panels in multi-screen setups should now be more robust for KDE Plasma 5.24.3.

- Addressing a common case of Plasma crashing on launch with Plasma Wayland for multi-screen setups.

- The Skanpage scanner software now allows sharing scanned documents using the standard KDE sharing system.

- The addition of abstract "user" icons in front of a colored background can be used now as the user avatar.

- A number of new web search queries added for KDE Frameworks 5.92.

- A crash fix for KWin when enabling a disabled external monitor.

- System Settings will no longer sometimes crash when changing a monitor's refresh rate.

- A possible Plasma crash fix when undocking a docked laptop.

- The plasma_session process no longer leaks "a bunch" of memory.

- The Elisa music player's playlist interface was rewritten to use standard Kirigami components.

- Various Ark fixes/improvements.

More details on all of these changes via Nate's blog.

KDE Plasma on the Steam Deck.