Job: Laboratory Technologist at Deep Blue Energy Services Limited | The Paradise News .

Content Analysis Coding



Location: Lagos Island, Lagos
Job Category: Oil & Gas
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Shift: Day
Duration: 4 weeks
Creer Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Job Responsibilities
Candidate will provide the following laboratory support services which includes but not limited to:

  • Sampling, analysis and determination of crude oil quality, Sediment &
    Water (S&W) of crude oil using ASTM D4006 & D4007 methods
  • API determination using ASTM D287 method
  • Density determination using ASTM D1298 method
  • Reid Vapour Pressure using ASTM D323 method
  • Sand count/analyses using volumetric method
  • Total Oil & Grease (TOG) of produced water
  • Water content in organic and inorganic compounds using Karl Fisher
    filtration method ASTM E203-96. Water content analysis in lube oil,
    hydraulic oil, glycol etc.
  • Physicochemical and microbial analysis of potable water
  • Water vapour in produced gas for injection quality control
  • Hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide in fuel gas streams, Cargo tanks
  • Cooling Medium and Heat Medium Analyses for various parameters
    including Total dissolved solids (TDS), Conductivity, pH, Total Iron,
    Sulphite HR, Nitrate & Molybdate Residual, Dissolved Oxygen,
    Residual Chlorine, Residual Elimin-Ox
  • Potable water analyses for pH, Fe, free Cl, TDS, Conductivity, Hardness,
    Chloride, Coliforms, MPN & E.coli
  • And any other required sampling and testing of produced fluids and
    utility medium.


  • Diploma (OND) or higher relevant qualification with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience, working on FPSO.
  • Other experience: 3 years post-graduation work experience in a similar position in a reputable organisation.
  • Gender: Does not matter.
  • Age: 25 Years 55 Years.

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