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i realize that everyone has their own preferences

i was introduced to computer in the form of intel 8088 10 Mhz, 640KB ram, cga 4 colors, and 5.25 inch floppy 360 KB running ms and pc dos 2ith epson lx800 dot matrix printer ... well ... kids nowadays will think that how can a human live on that kidd tech?

by inserting diskette dos to boot, then remove the diskette and insert apps diskette, and so on by insert and removing diskettes, i can print out bulletin, playing games, doing spreadsheet and word processing, its practically limitless

so, in todays computer, i only prefer windows, because i can freely managing files and installations, i always download offline installations, i always play offline games so i can hex-edit the file containing the money

in short ... full customization is highly required for me doing work in computer, and only unix based and windows still offer that

apple os ... no matter how advance ... sorry to say ... it doesn't offer full customization ... so completely no use for me

windows pocket pc i use on hp ipaq is beautiful ... it gets useless when they upgrade into windows mobile

windows pocket pc feels like full windows pc core on mobile phone ... its like ... full engine of carrier ship to be fitted into leisure yatch

windows mobile feels like ... redesign leisure yatch engine simplicity to be fitted to carrier ship and force the simplicity of leisure yatch to perform critical mission on carrier ship

that is why windows mobile fail ... also all smartphone os fails up until now ... they force the simplicity

the true os is full scale unix and the simpler version is windows, because, computers are not for faint hearted, computers are extremely complex logical machinery, therefore it requires full complex customizations and require human to deeply study its operation ... anyone who just want to quickly use the computers and expecting glamourous result ... they live in dreams


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I still have using my Sony vaio Pro z series super thin , i7, 8gb ram


ms office is a dealbreaker. most people already purchased one on PC and have to buy another license to move on another device.


Anonymous, 19 hours agoI am 38 years old. I had my first PC when I was 15 (Cyrix 6x86). I had my first laptop (Sony V... moreIt's called being burned out. You can confirm if that's your case if you manage to find a new hobby which excites you. If not, it has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with your mind.


YUKI93, 7 hours agoARM chipset is more expensive than x86-x64 CPU and not user-upgradable, so it's far from ... moreThese people have no idea about a computer! They think that corresponding some emails and media consumption is everything, plus running some weird apk apps and games! This is one of the reasons to the failure of windows mobile OS. Ignorance!


YUKI93, 7 hours agoIf a Linux smartphone like PINE64 PinePhone can run FOSS desktop softwares like GIMP, it'... moreThat's what I'm talking about, it's still a PC & a desktop OS, not an android or ios device, and still no POST-PC era. That pocket pc is still inconvenient to run Adobe programs, rather you need an additional large screen if you are a professional Adobe creator, plus you need a desktop environment. So, post-pc era is a far cry!


YUKI93, 7 hours agoNow that we have Windows on ARM, there is no need to develop an entirely different mobile-focu... moreThey had andromeda/windows 10x, but they decide to discontinue it. Most people who are responsible for Microsoft mobile division are clueless on Anything Outside America, their only inspiration is iPhone.


TheGalaxy, 16 hours agoSmartphones already replaced PCs. Everybody has a phone, but not everybody has a PC. Future ge... moreARM chipset is more expensive than x86-x64 CPU and not user-upgradable, so it's far from the future. Also, not everyone would like to replace their main device every year or two.


Kangal, 16 hours agoIt's a little pointless having a phone convert into a tablet. A better way of doing that... moreI don't agree about your first sentence. Foldable smartphones are still far from mainstream and beyond reach for most people, so having an idea like the ASUS Padfone series still make sense. After all, you don't have to carry the tablet all the time or just leave it at home.


Hemedans, 11 hours agowin 8.1 mobile was far better than win 10 mobile, after that buggy win 10 mobile release, and ... moreNow that we have Windows on ARM, there is no need to develop an entirely different mobile-focused OS from scratch. Just rework the Continuum mode to see Desktop UI when connected to an external monitor or a lapdock, and we're all good to go.


sohail shafayat, 10 hours agoWhy do you need to start a trend, let it be naturally. Can your phones run Adobe photoshop, pr... moreIf a Linux smartphone like PINE64 PinePhone can run FOSS desktop softwares like GIMP, it's only a matter of time before we have a truly pocket PC running true desktop OS.


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Can't get anything work-related done without a PC.


nothing will take the place of desktop or laptop computers no matter how far technology will goes..


Well making somethong for 550 and then selling it for 1300 no wonder it failed.
Love good old times where everything was way cheaper.
Nowdays everybody is onterested ionly in money.
If this world will go way it goes soon we wioll have to pay 5000 for 500 eur devices.

Damn you money.
Money are SIN and since we invented them we are shackeld with them like a cufs in jail making us slaves for those who have more than enough for more than million lifetimes.


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Anonymous, 12 hours agostill hoping ... - windows pro full scale on phone - running on phone ... at least ... intel... moreI5 inside a phone/tablet would be way hotter than curremt snapdragons.


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Because a portable display monitor is as large and heavy as a light notebook or tablet with keyboard cover and because the chipsets for CPU and memory are cheaper and cheaper, smaller and smaller, the whole concept of centralizing the processing power in a smart phone is dead, distributed computing is faster anyway. So nothing will change in the next decades, the smart phones will not replace the tablets and thin laptops.


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The Flip, 11 hours agoSame age. I hardly use my laptop any more. Work doesn't require it. But I definitely s... moreWell, if your work is manual, then you probably don't need a proper PC or laptop. But I can't imagine doing any type of office work on a tablet or a phone. I would get old before I would finish any simple task.


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This Post-PC era is like the "Year of Linux" joke lol.

It might happen, but instead of killing PC, they will just grab the new tech and evolve.

Apple tries too hard into selling the iPad as a PC substitute, and so far, it sells bc of the Apple pencil support, not bc it's a good PC substitute and I really doubt it will ever be.


vrvly, 12 hours agoMeaning most of tasks can be done on it. If they are not in need of off grid high processing p... moreWhy do you need to start a trend, let it be naturally. Can your phones run Adobe photoshop, premiere pro, in design, illustrator and many other similar programs? Python, anaconda, data science related programs?