Do you remember Julia Roberts in FRIENDS? The actress put a STRICT condition to appear ... .

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The fans from the Friends series, you surely remember the chapter in which Julia Roberts came out. However, what few know is that the actress set a strict condition to record this episode.

Julia Roberts she played a character named Susie Moss in an episode of the second season. It was the showrunner Marta Kauffman who announced the controversial condition imposed by the actress to participate.

The episode It was broadcast in 1996 when he had already achieved worldwide fame thanks to the movie Pretty Woman. Although the producers had already tried to contact her, it was an actor from the series who managed to bring her to the scene.

This was the participation of Julia Roberts in Friends

“Getting Julia Roberts was very exciting. When she said yes she was amazing,” Kauffman recalled.

matthew perry he asked her to participate in the series and she replied that she would only do it if he wrote a paper for her on quantum physics. The actor left and wrote an article, which she faxed back the next day. The result: Julia Roberts arrived on the film set.

They even ended up being couple for more than a year after the participation of the actress. Some of the celebrities who participated in Friends were Robin Williams, Billy Cristal, Brad Pitt, Tom Selec, Bruce Willis and George Clooney.


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