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Caring through coding - The Week

Anubhav Anand, like most Indians, experienced the chaos of the health care system during the pandemic. “From finding the right hospital near you to dealing with paperwork, insurance claims, bills.... Doing all this while your dear one is on IV with s...

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Code.Org Launches Dance Party - I Programmer, best known for Hour of Code, has announced a new campaign to inspire kids to learn coding.The nonprofit organization has a goal of expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from...

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Build a reading list with Svelte - SitePoint

Svelte has received a lot of praise over the last two years and is far from being “just another frontend framework”. It won “breakthrough of the year” on the State of JS survey 2019, followed by topping the satisfaction rating in 2020. It was also vo...