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Julia Garner receives the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Series
Julia Garner receives the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the series “Ozark” (REUTERS / Mike Blake)

“Honey, you’re doing great, but you shouldn’t be here,” was what she heard for almost two years at every audition she went to.

Julia Garner was shy, with unruly curls, pale skin, gap teeth, and an overwhelming determination to go after her dream. None of those phrases that expelled her from her midst made her give up her desire: to be an actress. Thus, after a small role in The Americans (2015) the casting arrived for Ozarks (2017), the Netflix series with Janson Bateman and Laura Linney.

When she heard about the character of Ruth Langmore – that 19-year-old girl with a criminal family and business guts – she told herself that this time she was going to make it. “I remember thinking ‘Oh my God, this character is amazing, I have to get it and get on this bus,'” she told The Hollywood Report. Garner had just made Tomato Red, a movie that had led her to use a Missouri accent. And she thought that accent would be perfect for Ruth. So she rehearsed her lines. When she arrived at the audition, the walls were so thin that she was able to hear the other actresses saying her lines, and no one used an accent! When she began to do the line, she did it as she had rehearsed it: “I know otherwise I couldn’t remember the words,” she explained.

Julia left convinced that her casting had been -once again- a fiasco. She called her mother and said, “I think he’s a no.” But a few days later the call came from her that would change her career forever: she had won the role of Ruth in the series that, at only 28 years old, allowed her to win two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

“I don’t have the standard Hollywood beauty. With my curlers and my teeth apart I knew I would get weirder characters and I would never be the cheerleader”, he explained to the magazine Vanity Fair. But his character in Ozarks positioned her at the height of her meteoric career in Hollywood.

Nine years after his acting debut – at 17 in the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene by Sean Durkin-Garner He won the podium no less than Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter, at the 2020 Emmys. “I want to especially thank Meryl Streep. When she was 15 I saw Sophie’s Choice and I wanted to be an actress. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you. And thank you, because I don’t know how to do anything else!”thanked at the ceremony.

The actress, who was born on February 1, 1994, in a suburb of the Bronx, in New York City, is the daughter of Tami Gingold, a therapist who succeeded as an actress and comedian in her native Israel. her father, Thomas Garner, is a painter and art teacher from Ohio. Garner, Jewish like his mother, has described herself as “half Israeli” and frequently travels to Israel to visit his mother’s family. He understands Hebrew – Gingold speaks it at his-his house – but he doesn’t speak the language fluently.

Julia Garner
Julia Garner “dresses” as Ruth Langmore, Marty Byrde’s henchwoman and strange friend, in “Ozark”

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s baby and Anne Baxter in The wicked they were his cinematographic references; so much so, that she grew up obsessed with those films. “My life was like a Noah Baumbach movie.”, he joked in the British magazine The Gentlewoman. In turn, the magazine maintains that the actress redesigned the concept of antiheroine. “I think I’ve been very lucky. For my age and my gender I have played very interesting roles. At first it was difficult for me to be chosen, I was ready, but they wouldn’t give them to me. It was like that at each and every one of my castings for almost two years. And then the jobs I got were as a young girl from a sect, pregnant teenager… I have always been clear that I wasn’t going to play the typical girl next door or the girl that everyone falls in love with. But I don’t care at all.”

Garner did not start her acting studies by vocation, but to overcome their shyness and gain fluency, difficulties caused by their problems in reading. “I’ve gotten a lot of good things out of acting. And I don’t mean to appear in this or that series or movie. I’m talking about something much more personal and intimate. I found the help I needed to stop being so shy and improve my reading and writing skills. There are not many people who can say that interpretation has saved them”, the young woman was sincere.

The Assistant Trailer (2020) Julia Garner, Drama Movie

What he never imagined in those first years of studies is that he would get to star in Inventing Anna, (Inventing Anna), by writer and director Shonda Rhimes, the miniseries premiered on Netflix on February 11, 2022. The series, based on a true story, tells the surprising story of Ana Sorokin, a young Russian woman who made fun of the entire New York elite posing as a wealthy German heiress who ran monumental scams on the highest echelons of society and who renamed herself Anna Delvey while living in New York. “It is a responsibility to be the protagonist, but very exciting. It has been one of the hardest shoots I have had, it has lasted ten months and I have carried this character with me all that time. He adds that when he first met Sorokin, who is serving his sentence at Rikers Island Prison, “It was one of those surreal moments that happen to you in life. She was super sweet, I could understand why people liked her and she believed her”.

Her parents were a very important support in the life of the actress: “They are very creative, my mother gave me psychology books to help me understand the character of some characters. He told me: ‘You should read this chapter, I think it will help you’. And she did.”

Garner is also the star of TheAssistant, the kitty green filmacclaimed at the Sundance Festival and in Berlin in 2020, where she plays the assistant of a Hollywood mogul who abuses his power to harass actresses. There are not a few who saw a vivid portrait of Harvey Weinsteintoday converted into the emblematic case of the #MeToo. “The movement started a path that has improved our society. It shows, although time and education are still lacking -Kitty Green argues-. There is an inherent sexualization of the female condition that, thanks to the latest movements, is beginning to disappear.”

Director Kitty Green and Julia Garner pose together at the press conference to promote the film
Director Kitty Green and Julia Garner pose together at the press conference to promote the film “The Assistant” during the 70th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany (REUTERS/Annegret Hilse)

“It seems that in a way the #MeToo It is already past news, but the reality is that it is important to keep the conversation open and keep talking about it, so as not to return to the starting point, ”says the actress, adding: “It’s not just about #MeToobut from toxic work environments, from abuse in general. It’s not a men vs. women movie. It talks about how when you are rich, powerful and successful certain behaviors are accepted. What we are talking about is that society has a double standard for people with money and power.”

It has a personal seal in the cinema and a unique beauty that does not go unnoticed. “It’s not that I’m ugly, but I know I don’t meet the beauty standard. Especially at 16, with my weird curly hair and gap teeth. None of that has changed. I’m still the same,” she said. vulture. Rebecca Thomas, who directed it in Electrick Childrencommented on The Wall Street Journal what Garner’s beauty is from another era: “Remember someone from the 19th century, who you want to see in a painting or a figure from the western of the ’40s. He is from another world. She shines”.

The wedding with Mark Foster (@juliagarnerofficial)
The wedding with Mark Foster (@juliagarnerofficial)

But not everything is films and awards in the life of the young actress. In 2020 she married Mark Foster, the singer and creator of Foster and the People, the indie rock band. “I wasn’t planning on getting married at 25, but we didn’t want a long engagement. If you know it, you know it”he affirms, emphatically.

Mark proposed to her in Yellowstone Park. and the ceremony was held eight months later, in the harsh New York winter: “It was a small thing, with 60 people, and our first dance was a song mark wrote for me. I started getting overwhelmed and buying meaningless things online. Then I got a message from Danielle Frankell, who told me: ‘I heard you’re getting married and you need something’. I went to her studio with my mom and aunt and walked out in a pantsuit for the town hall and a dress for the reception,” she says.

Frankel is one of New York’s leading wedding designers. Last year she was a finalist for the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) award. For example, Zoe Kravitzthe singer’s daughter Lenny Kravitz, commissioned him to design the dress for her wedding in Paris. And Julia Garner is becoming one of the actresses that all brands yearn to dress.

garner in the
Garner at the “Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala” (REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

At the same time, the young actress maintains a close link with the world of fashion. She was a model for Miu Miu and Kate Spade, what’s more to be a regular at the first fine of the most important parades. In 2016 she paraded the Balenciaga catwalk in Paris. In 2019, Albert Watson photographed her for the Pirelli Calendar.

Although the brands die to dress it, Garner takes weight off his “fashion icon status”: “I know people are saying I am, I guess it’s positive, but I don’t see myself like that. With fashion it happens to me as with acting: I don’t love the business, but the artistic part, belong to it.”

At her young 28 years, Julia fulfilled many goals. And she explains it her way: “It’s crazy to think when I started acting in 2010. What happens in life is wild. I never thought this decade would end in such a beautiful way.”


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