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His performances in the series Ozark and Inventando a Ana have earned him critical acclaim.

CORPRESSThe young artist Julia Garner reigns on the platforms with her most recent productions.

The actress Julia Garner, 28, has become the sensation of the platforms after her overwhelming character of Ana Sorokin in the miniseries Netflix “Inventing Ana”.

The sensational true story of the 25-year-old Russian woman who posed as a wealthy German heiress interested in opening a foundation and managed to swindle hotels, banks and individuals into United States and other countries is these days one of the most viewed in Panama and in other countries of the region.

Gone seem to have been those years of her childhood when she decided to study theater to overcome the shyness that overwhelmed her or those moments when she auditioned and left with the feeling that she was not going to be chosen for the role. Today the most famous brands of clothing and cosmetics fight to dress her and make her up and it can be said that she is one of the darlings of platform users.

Despite having a young career, Garner already has two awards to his credit Emmy for the best supporting actress that she won for her role as ruth langmorefrom the series Ozarks. This series has been the one that catapulted her and put her on the map of great actors, although before it she also made quite memorable performances.

CORPRESSJulia Garner, a young rising actress who captivates streamingJulia Garner’s magnificent performance in Ozark has earned her two Emmy Awards.

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When you start your career garner I used to hear the refrain every day: “Honey, you’re doing great, but you shouldn’t be here.” “I don’t have the standard beauty of Hollywood. With my curlers and my teeth apart I knew I would get weirder characters and I would never be the cheerleader, ”she explained to the magazine Vanity Fair in an interview without knowing that his character Ozarks would catapult his successful career and open the doors of that same Hollywood wide open

On Inventing Ana masterfully manages to get under the skin of Ana Sorokin so much so that the physical resemblance to the real character was frankly amazing. to stay with him Emmy of 2020, garner had to overcome female acting monsters like meryl streep and Helena Bonham Carter, the first her model and acting idol. “I want to especially thank meryl streep. When she was 15 I saw Sophie’s Choice and I wanted to be an actress. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you. And thanks, because I don’t know how to do anything else!”thanked at the ceremony upon receiving the Emmysome beautiful words from an actress who has much more to give.

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