Julia Fox: Kanye's Shots at Kim, Pete Are Just 'Creative Expression' - The Daily Beast .

Julia Coding



Despite Kanye West’s Instagram suspension for using a racial slur against Trevor Noah—and despite his creepy music video that shows a claymation Pete Davidson being buried in the ground—Julia Fox claims the rapper is “harmless.” When asked by TMZ whether or not Kim and Pete should be worried about their safety, Fox answered with an emphatic “No,” adding, “Kanye’s harmless.” She went on to say that West’s response to his divorce and obsession with his ex-wife’s beau are his “artistic, creative expression.” Fox added that she had not been in touch with her ex, and conceded that his behavior toward Kim and Pete has been “aggressive.” Regardless, she concluded, “If it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.”

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