Julia Bradbury makes diet change after odds of cancer returning revealed - Birmingham Live .

Julia Coding



Julie Bradbury has made lifestyle changes after her cancer battle, she has confirmed. Julia admitted there is a 28% chance of her breast cancer coming back if she drinks four units of alcohol a day.

Julia said: “People talk about the bad luck of cancer. Well, I want to increase my odds. I was considered healthy, but I was eating way too much refined sugar every day which is toxic and disrupts the hormone balance. Too much of anything can be bad – it’s all about balance."

As well as eating a plant-based diet, she added: “But right now, I don’t feel comfortable drinking alcohol because if I drink one unit of alcohol a day, my risk of recurrence is between 5 and 6% across my lifetime. With four units a day, it goes up to 28%.”

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“My whole mantra for life has become ‘be grateful for what you do have, not what you don’t have,” she said. Last month, Julia admitted that she. was “heartbroken that Dame Deborah James has died”.

Julia added: “She has been the most incredible ambassador of life and cancer campaigner. My thoughts are with her family and children. Such a huge loss. Your bright light will shine on Deborah.”

She said: “I couldn’t help but cry on @BBCWomansHour because I think it’s incredible that Deborah and her family shared her final days with us all.

“And I feel so so sad for her children, family and friends. She truly was a shining light, and that smile.. gosh, that smile."

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